Why we offer free and low-cost tuition.

God led us to create this program to be a blessing to the body of Christ, not to just make a lot of finances for our schools… We feel that a school of ministry should be more about raising up ministers for Christ and His kingdom. We are blessed to serve you here at AMES…

Today even in our depressed economy, it is common knowledge that tuitions are very expensive and are out of reach for at least 75% of those that are called into ministry. Β The very fact that our schools exist and thrive with more than 49,000 students from around the world proves that. Β Many have a desire to be trained so that they can fulfill their God-given destiny, however, they simply can’t afford to leave home to study or to pay the high tuitions charged by most schools.

With a great sense of purpose and destiny, we have created both of our online-only schools to offer possibly the lowest cost tuition’s that you will find anywhere. Β Having been missionaries for over 25 years living by faith, our hearts have always been geared towards training disciples for Christ and his Kingdom.

In fact, it’s not about making money, it’s about training people to take the Gospel to the nations.Β 

By sacrificially offering our tuition’s/courses at no cost without credits and offering accredited courses at only $20.00 each which is 10% of our normal tuition ( $198.00 per 3 credit course) as directed by the Lord, He has caused us to reach 183 nations and to regularly enroll 150 to 200 new students every week!! Β Our God has supernaturally created and sustained this school and perhaps like many who have contacted us, He has drawn you here to study with us as well. Β We are thrilled to offer the courses totally free to those that can’t afford it and to those of you that can, it helps us to continue this vital work.

Β We send our sincere thanks to all those who join us in making sound biblical instruction available to the impoverished nations of the world. By paying your tuition, you are supporting this work of the ministry worldwide and benefiting yourself with learning God’s word and earning college credits. So please pay if possible as the Lord provides. And if not they are our free gift to you. Thank you for allowing us to share our hearts with you.

Β Kindest regards and God’s richest blessings,

Β Dr. Vince and Rev. Laura Rizzo

Β Founder, President/CEO and Co-Founder, Dean of Admissions


We daily pray for the Lord to send us students that are hungry to know Him. You may not be here by chance. Finding AMES was perhaps a divine appointment to prepare you for your kingdom destiny.