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ACU Ministerial Life Experience Program


1)  All interested students will contact us by e-mail to discuss with our staff the possibility of a portfolio being prepared and that they desire to be a candidate for this program.

2)  All qualified applicants must have at least ten (10) years of pastoral and/or ministerial experience and college credits and transcripts from other colleges or universities that is able to be validated and is supportive of the individual experience.

3)  Upon approval from said discussion with an ACU staff member, the student will then create and submit an ACU Ministerial Life Experience Portfolio.

The portfolio is to be a chronological resume containing as much documentation to support the minister/pastoral experience as possible.  Copies of the following should accompany the portfolio:

a. Ministerial and/or Pastoral Training Experience – internships, missionary training, chaplaincy training, earned certifications, biblical transcripts from other colleges or universities

b.  Ministerial and/or Pastoral Experience – job descriptions, leadership and managerial implementation, ministry accomplishments and counseling skills, media publications, personal publications, church operational and church service documentation.

c.  Ministerial and/or Pastoral Endorsements – letters of reference, awards received, ordinations, licensing, affiliations, memberships.

Please make sure you have contacted us before sending us anything.  If your paperwork has been approved, mail your portfolio paperwork to:

 AMES Christian University

6900 Daniels Parkway, 

Suite 29 – 225

Fort Myers, FL  33912

3)  If for some reason, the portfolio is not acceptable, we will endeavor to work with each student to re-write the resume (your portfolio presentation) so that we can approve it or we will substitute AISOM courses that the student will need to take to equal the credit requirements to make up 87 credits for admission to ACU.  Each AISOM course is equal to three (3) credit hours per course.

4)  Once the portfolio is approved, students will be notified by email to go to the Payment Page to pay the Ministerial Life Experience Portfolio tuition fee of $450.00 US dollars.  Once the fee is paid, students will then be notified by e-mail and will receive instructions and an invitation to enroll at ACU.

5)  After approval, students can then complete the ACU enrollment process which includes payment of $20.00 US dollars for the Application Fee,  $30.00 US dollars for the Degree Completion Plan Fee, and the signed Student Agreement.  Students will then be invited to register for their first ACU course of the eleven (11) necessary to receive a Bachelor of Biblical Studies.  Each course is three (3) credit hours and the tuition fee per ACU course is $198.00 US dollars

For more details, please read the Student Handbook available at:

or see the Student Page.

We daily pray for the Lord to send us students that are hungry to know Him. You may not be here by chance. Finding AMES was perhaps a divine appointment to prepare you for your kingdom destiny.