Complete the 22 AISOM courses in the Accredited Program and upon graduation receive 87 transferable credits. Upon graduation you will go to AMES Christian University (ACU)Β www.ameschristian.org and take an additional 11 concentration courses and upon graduation receive 33 credits for a combined total of 120 credits to receive a BBS degree. ACU is also totally online with no on campus requirements.

The ACU virtual campus program is made up of both videos and reading and writing assignments.

(The $20 per course administrative fee at AISOM is only 10% of the normal fee of $66 per credit or $198 per course at ACU. 87 credits would have cost $4,356 so you are saving $3,916 by taking the 22 AISOM courses for $440 earning 87 credits and paying the normal price of $198 per course for the last 11 degree level courses)

Bachelor’s Degrees:

AMES Christian University Bachelor’s degree programs are a total of 120 credit-hour 87 credits earned here at AISOM. If you already have a biblical diploma or an associates degree in any subject, you can enroll in any one of the major concentrations at ACU and take only the 11 courses to earn your bachelors degree. AISOM is primarily a low-cost program for students that do not have a degree already.

If you have a biblical diploma or an associates degree you can join the bachelors degree program. at ACU If you have a masters degree you can join the bachelors or doctorate degree level program. If you have a doctorate you can apply at any level you choose.





Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) Degree Program:

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) is a Bible degree. Β It combines an extensive foundation of Bible study with practical applications and consists of a core of biblical studies, matched with degree concentrations in areas of Christian vocation.

The BBS program is suited to learners who desire to earn a degree by studying the Bible and its applications to life and ministry.

Majors include:

Ministry Leadership with concentrations in the following:

(Click on the concentration for list of courses)

Pastoral Ministry

Christian Counseling

Youth Ministry

Music Ministry


Marketplace Ministry

Price Breakdown:

The tuition for the first 22 courses and your first 87 credits at AISOM is $440.00 here unless you receive a discount.

Below is the tuition breakdown of the price structures to earn a degree with ACU at www.ameschristian.org

All AMES Christian University courses are all 90 day independent studies based on videos which you will watch and take and submit notes on while waiting for your books and then you will do writing assignments based on the book(s) for each course.

Bachelors 11 courses x $198 = $2,178 + $20.00 application fee and $30.00 Degree Completion plan fee Total $2,228Β  (Pay $1,500Β  in Full saving $728)

Masters 12 courses x $297 = $3,564 + $20.00 application fee and $30.00 Degree Completion plan fee Total $3,614Β  (Pay $2,500Β  in Full saving $1,114)

Doctorate 14 courses x $408 = $5,712 + $20.00 application fee and $30.00 Degree Completion plan fee Total $5,762Β  (Pay $4,500Β  in Full saving $1,262)

*The tuition does not cover the books. To make it as economical as possible most books can be purchased used as paperbacks so that the book costs will be minimal.


We daily pray for the Lord to send us students that are hungry to know Him. You may not be here by chance. Finding AMES was perhaps a divine appointment to prepare you for your kingdom destiny.